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Reusable Straw Routine: How to go about your day with BOBA your boba straw!

As we all know and have heard, turtles, sea creatures, animals, the environment, are all perishing at an alarming rate.

There's not much an individual can do on a significant level to change this ever-dooming issue, however, we can alter small activities in our own lives that will allow us to consume and pollute the environment less than the normal amount.

Whether it be for a peace of mind, to feel less guilty, or wanting to contribute even in a small way, we are all doing our part.

I'm sure some boba drinkers feel uncomfortable reaching out for that single-use plastic straw whenever we drink boba, so why not opt-in for a reusable boba straw! 

This will cut down on our yearly rate of plastic by how many bobas you drink. For me, it may be hundreds. Just kidding. Maybe. Comment below and let us know how many straws you'll save by using a reusable boba straw! 

So, here's my personal routine when going out. For a boba run, day out, or just going to meet some friends, etc. Applies to whenever I leave the house. 

1. Before I leave the house, I pack my straw pack with me in my handy-dandy backpack. Pop it in in the front compartment, ready to go.

2. If i end up going to a boba store, I whip out my boba straw, and I use it!

3. After consumption of said boba, I grab a (biodegradable) tissue, or cloth to give the straw a thorough wipe-down, especially the ends. Blow into the tissue with the straw to get rid of excess liquid.

4. When I get home, I immediately put the straw into the dishwasher OR I give it a water rinse, a scrub with cleaning brush if needed, and put it in the drying rack for it to be used the next day! 

Well there you have it. A simple, complete overall, basic routine on how to reduce your plastic straw consumption! 

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