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Side Income

Are you an eco-conscious boba lover, have Instagram (200-1k + followers) and want to earn some side income?

We have the solution for you! Our collaborators are effectively earning a substantial amount when working with us so be sure to read on!

In benefits to both you as a collaborator, and us, BobaStrawStore, we have partnered with GoAffPro Marketing to keep the authenticity of this collaboration. GoAffPro allows you to set up your own personal link with us, and whenever someone uses that link and has a successful referral, they will log it for us and you will be paid. 

Here is the link, and follow the instructions. Your own personal affiliate link and code will be provided for you.

You will be notified that you will receive 10% commission for each successful referral (3% commission on bulk packages). Our affiliates will be able to use their own code through their own links to receive a total of 20% discount with each purchase (10% commission + 10% off through code)!

For more information and examples, head to our Instagram @bobastrawstore.

Have fun!
Love, the BobaStrawStore